When I meet a trainer I have a check list that runs through my subconscious mind like, are they educated, articulate, honest, grateful and motivating to just name a few of the many. Jeri possesses all of these, and the others that were important to me. She worked in my private training facility for over 2 years and was always on her A game. She never let me or any of the other client's down. It was bitter sweet to see her leave. I know she can have that kind of impact on you too if you allow her in your life.






Steve Jordan, BS, CSCS, CPT, PES

America's Fitness Ambassador

President Acceleration Fitness Studio






Accelerate your health,


Steve Jordan, BS, CSCS, PES, CPT






Steve Jordan Acceleration






accelerated results



I met Jeri about a year ago. I was looking for a new way to try and get in shape and everyone I spoke with said you need to talk with Jeri. They were right...for the first time in my life I am in better shape and I am learning to make better choices for my health. Her knowledge and passion for helping you reach your goals and be your very best is simply Amazing....She is such an inspiration for being the best you can be in every part of your life...Thank you Jeri for making 50 fabulous....




Tammy Cheshire

Dental Assistant II

Drs Poore  & Robinson and Associates DDS, PA



Testimonial for Jeri Bullock


I have always been an avid gym-goes for the last 20 years, and have considered myself in good health and good shape because of my 5 day weekly workouts. However, it was not until I started doing powerplate training with Jeri, last year when I turned 40, that I really became aware of how out of shape I was. What used to take me at least 90 minutes in the gym to do, I could do in less than 50 minutes with double the results! I won’t lie and say that workout is easy, it definitely challenges you, but the results are far better than I ever saw in the gym as powerplate training focuses primarily on developing your core strength. If you are serious about getting in shape or improving your workout regimen to see the most optimal results, then this workout is for you and believe me, you won’t be disappointed!


Shelley Kiser, BSW, MHA

Director of Social Services

Autumn Care of Cornelius

704-997-2970 (office)

704-997-2971 (fax)



I was very fortunate to find Fitness and Beauty by Jeri through my neighbor in January of 2012.  I am a single mom with a full-time, demanding job and I lack the self-motivation and the time to work out on my own – not to mention that I hadn’t worked out in years! Although Jeri is a 30-minute drive away, I continue to train with her because she has proven to be an excellent trainer and friend. I feel extremely lucky to have found Jeri!  She truly cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating. Jeri’s style and variety of exercises surpasses anything that I could’ve imagined.  She customizes the training to fit your personal goals and provides personalized nutritional advice to help you maintain healthy eating habits.


The PowerPlate is nothing like anything you will find in a regular gym. The workouts are 45 minutes and include stretching. Jeri’s studio even offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work out with and build a network of good friends.


I can honestly say I look forward to training with Jeri every week!


If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then Fitness and Beauty by Jeri is for you!



Heather McCormack

Director, Investment Accounting | Investment Product Financial Services

TIAA-CREF l Financial Services





"Just wanted to tell you personally that your fitness program, along with all of it's techniques, have allowed me to live a healthier life both from a physical standpoint with my body fat content dropping, and the mental side of just feeling and looking more fit. I put the time in but your powerplate program, and it's overall effects are amazing."


"Thank you again!"



Earle Steele

Owner/Landis Reed Homes




In nursing school, we learned the importance proper nutrition and exercise play in achieving and maintaining optimal health. For me personally, the struggle was putting those things into practice. Over the years, I experienced numerous health problems, including chronic pain. I got to the point that I was afraid to move for fear of increasing my pain.  Of course, this led to the vicious cycle of weight gain, increased pain, and even less physical activity.  I was at rock bottom when a friend suggested I meet with Jeri.  He was thrilled with the results he was experiencing! Since I was in such bad shape I was embarrassed and afraid to meet with a trainer.  Those fears fell away as soon as I met Jeri. Her warm, compassionate, non-judgmental personality was apparent immediately.  I've been able to stick with our workout plan because Jeri's style is different than anything I've ever experienced. I'm not just talking about accelerated results from using the power plate, although that definitely keep me coming back. Jeri has taught me so much more about the importance of nutrition and working out properly. It's not enough to just avoid injury during exercise (Jeri's guidance helps us do that!), Jeri has helped me rehab injuries I've sustained doing mundane things. Through her belief in the importance of functional exercise, my balance has improved and I can feel the difference that, plus my increased strength and endurance makes in my everyday life. Jeri's guidance is helping me to make changes in the way my family and I eat as well, helping us to achieve our fitness goals. Even our teenage athlete is making changes. She feels the benefits of eating better and won't miss a Saturday bonus workout with Jeri. We simply can't state strongly enough how working with Jeri has changed our lives for the better.


Shannon Carbone



Fitness & Beauty by Jeri


Jeri has changed my life! This is empowerment from the “core.” She’s become my Guru for all things fitness, nutrition, and beauty.


I started training with her about ten months ago and the transformation in my body is very noticeable. I have friends tell me all the time that they can tell a big difference in what I’m doing. I feel great; I’ve donated all my “fat clothes” because I’m not going back!


Jeri’s guidance in the area of nutrition has also been stellar. I am healthier and feel better than when I was 10 years younger. Her skin care and makeup is easy to use and so good for your skin.


I’ve had amazing results with anything Jeri recommends. I can’t say enough good things!


Thanks Jeri,

Joni Dunn



Who is Jeri?

I'm originally from North Carolina. I was involved in dance and cheerleading as early as 7, and continued on to major in dance at East Carolina University. I started working at an exercise studio at 17 where I taught aerobic classes and personally trained clients. I was fortunate to have been taught by an amazing Physical Therapist. I went on to dance at Carowinds, and after that I continued to teach aerobics and personally train clients in Charlotte, and in South Beach at Bally, in Miami. I moved back to Charlotte, NC and worked at Bally again, teaching aerobics and doing personal training. At that time there were no Personal Training Certifications, there were only safety courses which I attended and acquired certifications. At Greenville Aquatics Center, in my hometown, I taught aerobics, personal training, and aqua aerobics.  

I went back to school for a Respiratory Therapy Degree, while continuing to teach aerobics and personal train. I acquired quite a bit of knowledge and experience in Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab, and went on to become a Cardiac Cath Technician, where I gained more knowledge about the importance of how our body works, and how what we eat effects it, and how exercise has such a profoundly strong positive effect on our cardio-pumonary system.

I moved to Los Angeles where I obtained a Personal Fitness Training Certification through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), one of the highest and most prestigious programs. The NASM CPT certification is the preferred choice for hire and career advancement by the top health clubs in the US. Their mission is to empower individuals to live a healthy life. After researching long and hard, I found NASM to be the most sound, highly regarded, and most respected among all the Personal Training Certifications in Los Angeles.


I feel very fortunate and honored to have met Steve Jordan, "America's Fitness Ambasador". He owns a private personal training studio, STEVE JORDAN ACCELERATION, in West Los Angeles, where I was privileged enough to be able to train my clients. His belief is "it is my mission to empower people to be leaders in their community through fitness, nutrition, and healthy living". I found Steve to be as amazing as his story, a true honor to have come across him.

I've had the good fortune to be able to train some amazing people, from producers of film, a Victoria Secret model, a few TV personalities, an older olympic runner, and the likes, to just some great people in general!


I am happy to be back in the Lake Norman area, in North Carolina where I was born and raised, and have the privilege to bring my over 3 decades of knowledge and expertise in the fields of health & fitness, beauty, and nutrition back home. Through the years I've seen many nutrition fads come and go, so many different modes of fitness and personal training, and I will say that where we have come, as a society in general, in the world of being healthy and staying fit, is a great time. We have many avenues to find whatever it is that may "rock our boats"! Yoga (many styles), Pilates, Personal Training, Power Lifting, Running, Cycling classes, Rowing, Aqua-exercises, Boot Camps & Cross-Fit, Kick-Boxing, and even Pole Fitness!!! I haven't even dented the list! There's really no excuse for anyone of us today, who is able, not to be involved in some sort of athletic or fitness activity.


Jeri Bullock, RRT, CPT, PES, CWC

"EMBRACE THE ODDS...the choice is yours".


**The Results and Testimonials of individuals shown are based on active and strict participation in this program. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.*


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Exercise Routines to use while away or at home.

Day 1
30 Minute Workout.
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Day 2
30 Minute Workout
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Day 3
30 Minute Workout
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Snacks List
A list of snacks that are the proper ratio of carbs, proteins, and fat when you're on a mission to increase your lean body mass, also known as reducing your body fat percentage.
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Breakfast List Options
These Breakfast choices consist of a perfect balance of carb, protein, and fat ratio to increase lean body mass, and promote weight loss.
EZ Breakfasts.pdf
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Breakfast Recipes
These are 4 more yummy recipes that can also be used to feed your toddler as well. Use them to increase your lean body mass.
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Dinner Recipes
Try these yummy and healthy choices.
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